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The environment has never been more front of mind. Caravan and camping can be one of the most environmentally friendly ways to holiday if done correctly - so why not change up your next holiday & give it a go?

By taking a caravan or camping trip, you’re encouraging a closer connection with nature and fostering an appreciation for the natural world.

These connection help build a closer bond with nature and creates an appreciation for its great wonder, beauty and creates awareness of the challenges ahead for our land if we don’t care for it.

By opting for campsites instead of hotels and other holiday package style holidays, travellers can reduce their carbon footprint, as camping facilities typically consume less energy and produce fewer emissions as there are no jet engines needed or large building structures requiring huge resources to operate, your air-conditioning requirements are fresh air and your pool is gifted to you by nature with the world's most beautiful beaches, your lift is normally a stool at most if not just a little jump and food waste is reduced as you as you only cook and bring what you need.  

But, it's not just about escaping to nature; it's about embracing sustainable practices and leaving a positive impact for generations to come.

"Camping is an incredible way to connect with nature and immerse ourselves in the great outdoors. There are many eco-tourism businesses in Australia that not only provide fantastic fun experiences but also provide wonderful educational programs into understanding how to be better and contribute to a more sustainable world," says Keelan Howard, GM for Marketing & Communications at Let's Go Caravan & Camping.

"But it's equally important to do it responsibly and make sure we leave no trace behind."
In fact, research is showing that 53% of consumers choosing a caravan park are actively looking for a nature-based experience, and an astounding 49% highlighting ‘a love of the outdoors’ as what sparked their interest in caravan parks.

Holiday Parks such as Habitat Noosa Eco-Camp & Townsville Eco Resort offer lush caravan and camping sites that actively work toward no lasting impacts on the environment.
Townsville Eco Resort is an Advanced Ecotourism Certified establishment that prioritises environmentally sustainable practices.

They treat all wastewater on-site, using a flood-resistant and underground system to produce high-quality treated water that is dispersed into their constructed wetland, filtering pollutants before reaching the Great Barrier Reef.

Additionally, they reduce waste through recycling initiatives, composting garden and food waste, and providing purified water through a dual operating system while utilising solar energy, energy-saving measures, and electric vehicles to minimise their carbon footprint.
So, how can you make sure your camping experience is as clean and green as possible?

  • Proper waste management is crucial.
    • Bring along garbage bags.
    • Separate your waste into recyclables, compostables, and general waste.
    • Carry a bag to collect any litter you come across during hikes or walks, even if it's not yours.
  • Pack reusable containers for your food to reduce packaging waste.
  • Follow the campground's guidelines or find designated waste disposal areas for garbage disposal.
  • Remember the principle of "Leave No Trace" and leave the natural environment as you found it.
    • Never leave rubbish behind or bury it to prevent harm to wildlife and environmental pollution.
  • Stick to designated paths and avoid creating new trails.
  • Respect wildlife habitats by;
    • avoiding damaging trees, plants, or picking wildflowers
    • leaving natural items like rocks, shells, and artifacts for others to enjoy
    • refraining from feeding wild animals and storing food securely.
  • Double-check your campsite before leaving to ensure nothing is left behind.
"Camping allows us to reconnect with nature and appreciate its beauty," adds Keelan Howard.
"Let's embrace these practices, not only for our own enjoyment but also to safeguard our precious natural spaces."

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