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Camplify Reveal Top Tips To Travelling With Your Significant Other

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Having finished 2023 with a week-long road trip across Tasmania in Mabel from Camplify, Jeffrey Kieffer has revealed his top tips on how you and your significant other can ensure you have the best holiday this romantic season.

Everyone knows how tensions can get high when travelling together, but these tips from Jeffrey are a fail-safe way to ensure that you and your partner both get the trip you desire and in turn, improve your relationship in the long run:

“TIP ONE: Pre-booked surprises

Tip: Plan a pre-booked experience or meal along your road trip to surprise your partner

Why: It adds an element of excitement and thoughtfulness to your trip, creating lasting memories that will stay with you forever

TIP TWO: Trip Goals Alignment

Tip: Discuss and agree on your trip ‘goals’ beforehand, whether you want an adventurous or relaxing holiday, you should discuss openly with your partner beforehand to ensure you both get the holiday you want

Why: Doing this beforehand helps to avoid misunderstanding and disappointment, ensuring a more enjoyable journey with shared expectations

TIP THREE: Embrace Spontaneity

Tip: Leave a couple of nights open for a spontaneous decision or last-minute extension at places you enjoy

Why: Allowing room for spontaneity adds an element of surprise and flexibility to your trip, making it more dynamic and allowing you the opportunity to make the trip more memorable

TIP FOUR: Take It Slow

Tip: Plan longer stays at each location, two to three nights is the ideal amount of time to fully immerse yourself in a destination

Why: Rushing from place to place can be stressful, which can increase tensions. Staying longer enhances the travel experience and allows for a genuine connection between yourself and your surroundings

TIP FIVE: Capture Unpolished Moments

Tip: Take pictures just for you and your partner. My favourite way to capture these in-between, unpolished moments is on a disposable or film camera

Why: Capturing candid snapshots allows you to cherish the memory forever. We love to create our travel pictures into a post-trip photo book, making a travel keepsake that we can look back on in years to come”

Camplify is the peer-to-peer RV sharing platform that allows van owners to safely rent out their vans when they're not using them. Through Camplify, Jeffrey was able to travel Tasmania in the modified 1973 Bay Window Kombi, Mabel. With plenty of options to choose from, Camplify has a great range of vans ready to book.

To find out which vans are available, visit and book your adventure now.


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