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Caravanning shows the way forward with consumer sentiment showing tightening spend on international tourism

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA) today unveiled the Caravan Industry Consumer Sentiment Report for July 2023.

With its finger on the pulse of the evolving travel landscape, the report draws attention to increasing cost pressures in the travel sector as Australian households grapple with the mounting cost of living.

The report paints a vivid picture of Australians' shifting priorities:

    While younger Australians express optimism about their financial futures, their travel decisions remain heavily influenced by immediate cost-of-living concerns, particularly fuel prices.

    The consideration of interest rates in travel planning has risen significantly, demonstrating households’ heightened financial awareness.

    The significance of COVID-19 on travel decisions is receding, with households pivoting their concerns towards economic factors.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia, CEO, Stuart Lamont says “the rising cost-of-living and economic uncertainty, underscored by the RBA’s recent interest rate rise to 4.1%, is undoubtedly impacting consumers, yet what's heartening is the continuing allure of caravan and camping holidays, especially as international travel hesitancy persists.”

Despite these shifts, the caravan and camping sector demonstrates its ongoing resiliency and everlasting appeal. Many Australians are opting for cost-effective, value-for-money holiday alternatives instead of abandoning their vacation plans entirely. A promising 29% even intend to increase their holidays this year, underscoring a desire to "spoil themselves" amidst the economic strain.

In light of cost pressures and the hesitancy of younger Australians to venture into home ownership, domestic tourism's importance becomes even more pronounced.

 “With international travellers in short supply and young Australians reconsidering traditional investments like home ownership, supporting domestic tourism, particularly in the caravan and camping sector, is paramount.”

An undeniable testament to the sector's resilience, the report found that a staggering 90% of respondents view caravan and camping as offering superior value for money compared to other holiday types. Additionally, the RV market is set to thrive, with many current owners unlikely to sell and a significant portion of non-owners showing interest in future purchases.

“We're navigating complex times, but this report underscores the adaptability and enduring spirit of Australians. The caravan and camping industry remains robust, and we're poised to continue supporting domestic tourism and offering Australians the quality holidays they seek,” Said Stuart.


Caravan Industry Consumer Sentiment Report

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