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Australian homeowners love their outdoor space, blessed with a climate that allows us to get outside nearly all year long. In fact, 25 per cent of Australians spend seven or more hours a week in their backyards. It seems the only thing that can dampen our outdoor spirits is when the weather turns. But there’s no need to let a little precipitation rain on your al fresco parade. The Trex® RainEscape® under-deck drainage system is perfect for extending outdoor living season even when the weather cools down and the rain hits.

It's an innovative drainage system designed to divert water away from an elevated deck to keep the space beneath the deck dry and usable. It also protects the deck’s substructure from the damaging effects of Mother Nature and Father Time.

“When the wooden joists and bearers used to build a two-story deck are exposed to the outdoor elements, water can seep into screw holes and sit on the timber, causing it to rot and the screws to rust. Additionally, the natural expansion and contraction of timber due to seasonal temperature changes can cause bearers to split and weaken over time, posing serious safety concerns.

Without protection, an average timber deck frame can show signs of deterioration in as few as eight years. Like shingles on a roof, the Trex RainEscape system shields the timber joists and bearers of a substructure from moisture penetration and damage while also making the space beneath the deck functional.

Extra Space, Unlimited Possibilities

Trex RainEscape uses an integrated network of troughs and downspouts to capture rain, dew and other precipitation and funnel it away from the deck. Differentiating the system from “below-the-joist systems,” the Trex RainEscape system is installed above the joists – between the framing and the surface boards – allowing it to waterproof the entire deck frame while keeping the area beneath the deck dry and free of elements.

Once protected, you can add electricity, water and gas lines, as well as furniture, lighting, ceiling fans and entertainment components, to create a year-round outdoor living space. Trex RainEscape also accommodates a broader range of ceiling options than other systems, enabling contractors and homeowners to achieve the finished look and feel of an outdoor room.

Another increasingly popular use for the area beneath an elevated deck is as additional storage. Ideal for stowing everything from lawn and garden equipment, pool supplies and off-season patio furniture to bicycles, boats and ATVs, the bonus dry space created by Trex RainEscape can eliminate the need for a freestanding shed and keep the garage from becoming cluttered.

Competitively priced at approximately 20 to 30 per cent less than other systems, Trex RainEscape consists of five main components:

Drainage trough sheets


Post, wall and ledger flashing

Butyl waterproof tapes (for joists, bearers and rims)

Butyl waterproof caulk

Trex RainEscape is ideally suited for Australia’s varied and extreme climates – from the monsoonal ‘wet’ seasons up north to the hot, dry desert conditions of the Outback. Trex RainEscape ensures that outdoor living can carry on, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Trex RainEscape is sold in Australia through Decking Solutions. To learn more about the system, visit


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